Wyynn is a full service consulting and IT solutions center, delivering superb web development, project management, smart QR technology, inventory management and marketing capabilities.

– regardless the business requirements, Wyynn is well positioned to serve your needs.



Image 01Custom Apps

We thrive on developing new online presences and new apps for statrup opportunities. We also offers a wide arrays of IT Solutions ranging from Network Administration to Quality Assurance Protocols. Our highly trained staff can tackle any IT services with their varied skill sets. Whatever your needs may be, we can assist you in finding the ideal solution and implement it in an efficient manner.




Image 02Smart QR Codes

Where every second counts, we are using innovative ways in the transportation and property management sectors to improve safety. A QR code, which can be read by smartphones and tablets, placed on cars, and inside buildings will provide a rescue map or evacuation plan, which can be shown on the device's display. This innovative solution can save valuable time for rescue workers.

At Wyynn, we will design and develop the QR Code as well as buil and support the database to house the information.




Image 03

Smarter Inventory

The benefits of inventory control and managing you inventory at optimal levels enables you to reduce on-hand inventory, inventory cost and working capital while improving on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Smarter inventory is a world class solution that provides a comprehensive set of inventory management tools designed to optimize and lower inventory levels up to 30% while improving inventory availability.




Image 04

Project Management

By following industry best practices, we deliver projects on time and on budget. Whether PMI-centric or Agile, our methodology ensures the correct framework is applied to best match your business needs and situation. Either at inception or mid-stream, we can ensure your IT project is brought to a successful completion. We also offer a wide range of customizable ready to use project management templates, all designed by PMP certified project managers.




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Our industry executives have worked with some of the most prestigious companies. We will setup, manage and optimize your marketing objectives, and simplify your day to day business.