Business Apps Development

With the advent of mobile devices today, developing business apps is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And today’s smartphones are the perfect platform for such apps. All too often, many business only look at one side of the equation when it comes to apps development and overlook Android smartphone. With the near release of the Blackberry 10, it would be a grave mistake to only concentrate on the Apple mobile platform.

DavidOctover 22, 2013

How much does your IT department cost you?

Have you ever thought how much time your IT department actually spends on doing what they were supposed to do rather than waste time on non productive matters? Or how much time is needed to build an IT team.

StevenSeptember 23, 2013

Is application development better in the cloud?

Very short and concise article that goes straight to the point and re-enforce my belief that indeed the cloud is the perfect platform to develop applications. Among the top benefits are the gain in development time and the ability to collaborate. You can read this compelling article at InfoWorld .

August 16, 2013