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Analytics for ALL: Business and predictive analytics. # analysis


Find what matters most for your business


Data is the new, unlimited resource. How are you taking advantage of it?


Understand your business and think ahead


Leverage social data to achive a more complete view of your business





Learn what's most likely to influence outcomes. When you add your data and define a target, such as customer churn, won deals or product quality, you see the top drivers associated with the outcome. You can keep it simple and see the most important driver or go in depth and see the combination of drivers contributing to the result. Advanced users can even further explore the math behind the findings. You're now ready to take action—confidently.

Analyze trusted data

Data for analytics comes in many forms. Now you have a place where you can make sure it's in synch, whether you're exploring, predicting or assembling. And that means you can trust what you're using for your insights.




Analytics for business roles






Ad networks, focus groups, customer feedback, campaign results, test markets: All of this is your life. Imagine if you could use analytics to connect the dots and see what’s hidden in this information. You’d create almost endless opportunities for smarter, more targeted marketing. We can show you patterns and business drivers in your data that can enable new and untapped possibilities.


What opportunities will you find?




Closing deals and keeping customers coming back for more require an understanding of the data provided by CRM and other sales systems. Imagine easily analyzing that data and discovering information that would help you get more wins. Wyynn Analytics puts critical insights in your hands so you can capitalize on opportunities to make a sale more quickly.


What deals will you close?




Data flows to your IT department from all over your business. Yet data-driven, proactive decisions to improve the overall efficiency and function of the business and its environments are not easily come by. Analyzing this data takes resources that not everyone has. Imagine having more time to devote to strategic initiatives, leaving behind the break-fix model of IT, and enabling the business to find their own insights, make decisions and anticipate the needs of your organization.


What strategic project will you take on?




Improving operational efficiency has a real impact on your bottom line. Suppose you could make that happen by using your operations data to identify bottlenecks and problems and determine a course of action. We can help you gain the insights you need to take on inventory, maintenance, quality targets and more.


What problems will you fix?




You have all kinds of data for hiring decisions, assessing compensation strategies and gauging employee satisfaction. Imagine being able to analyze that data and find the right employee for a position or a strategy to keep high performing employees satisfied. We strip away the complexities and lets you ask the questions that matter to you.


What key employee asset will you discover?




You're in search of new predictive insights, intent on creating more reliable, timely reports and providing analysis to help uncover new revenue streams, steer business performance and adapt to risk. With Wyynn Analytics, you can become a source of trusted business foresight, a valuable commodity in modern business environments.


What new revenue will you uncover?



Search blog posts, forums and discussion groups to measure consumer sentiment and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Make better decisions and strategies

Configure business rules, filters and analytics to more quickly measure and respond to new events.

Improve the customer experience

Respond more quickly to issues and requests expressed in consumer blogs and posts.


Essential information


Grow your business

Make better decisions and strategies

Improve the customer experience


" Wyynn Consulting gave me insight

into my sales and marketing I didn't think

was possible for a company my size "




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Analytics #Analysis

An abundance of data means data-driven decisions can now be an essential, daily and valuable activity

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Smart QR Codes

New and innovative ways we are using QR codes to drive safety and security in a variety of locations

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Custom Apps

We understand how to create a truly interactive digital experiences and on-line presence

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Project Management

By following industry best practices, and certified PM's (PMP®). we deliver projects on time and on budget

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Providing strategic direction and leadership in sales, marketing strategy and social media